Here are 10 Adorable ideas that you can easily tinker with the little ones of the nurseries, the oldest who started kindergarten and the big ones who go to school!

1) Make feeders to attract butterflies with a plastic tray, beads with necklace and string!
2) Put down a terracotta saucer in the sun with fruit!
3) Make a Tic Tac Toe game with pebbles! Acrylic exterior paint and varnish! Let dry well between coats, you may need several layers, depending on the paint brand chosen.
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4) Make a Garden Fairy with shacks sparrows in a terra cotta pot! (Terracotta)
5) You have broken pots? Do not throw them away !! Make a garden fairy in obviated!
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6) You do not have a pot? Do it in a plastic jar!
7) Make a bird feeder with popsicle sticks!
8) Markers for garden with wooden spoons! You can do them in pyrography, with acrylic paint, crayons in water, etc.
9) Get bottles of soft drink to make watering cans! Drill the cap with a needle that you will have heated on a heat source.
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10) Turn over the pots, run pots of paint to color the terra cotta pots, let dry all night for colorful flower pots!
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