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Two Australian growers have proved that papayas in hydroponics, like this one, can be grown to production of fruit in little more than half the time of soil-grown "Trees." The hydroponically-grown fruit is claimed to be tastier. The tropical papaya is predicted to become a favoured fruit to be produced from rooftops under hail netting in Singapore, and could form a most attractive bank of foliage for rooftop restaurants that also picks and serve the ripe fruit chilled, juiced or in fru
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Make Your Own Greenhouse. The gentleman who built all of this is named Adam J. Fyall. Click on the link and go to his site. He has a lot of amazing tips and ideas, plus step by step instructions. Materials : 3 standard "cat...
Could spray pait it matalic PVC pipes for growing veggies and herbs... An idea from Singapore AVA Collect the rainwater and self irrigate ... Awesome...
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