My Victory Garden

Pitmaston Pineapple.
Apples 'Pink Lady'.
Boxwood basil seed from Lots of other varieties too.
Training Vines in the Garden.
Cardinal Basil -At last, someone has bred a basil to accentuate the stunning flower heads! Still a culinary basil.

King David is a versatile apple for cider, pies, sauce, and eating. Its admirers boast that it is a wonderful eating apple. It is a medium size deep dark red apple. It has firm, crisp, spicy, juicy yellow flesh. This solid red late-season apple hangs late on the tree and should be picked when full color develops. Savory flesh is yellow, firm, crisp, spicy and juicy. Disease resistant..
Living Fence.
Top Fragrant Houseplants. Add the sweet scent of orange, lemon, grapefruit, or other citrus blossoms to your home with this plant..
Its Officially Time to get Gardening! Outdoor area in the garden under fruit trees.
A typical house has a roof area of 1,200 square feet and four downspouts that will each drain about 300 square feet of roof..